Friday, 28 January 2011

Behind The Scenes Of Rihanna's S+M

SO excited for this video, she looks amazing. THAT HAIR, she can whip that shit like a dog, fiercely hawt.

Nicki Minaj MOMENT FOR-death-LIFE!

Not Feeling it Nicki.... there is soo much repetition.

Gets kinda boring, and the arm movements and only 2 wardrobe changes. Dunno really, i prefer the album track to this long ass boring video.


Thursday, 27 January 2011

Interview Numero Uno

Today i have my first interview for my Foundation Diploma.
im about to leave to make my way to UCA Epsom, im anxious and scared. should be alright BUT i've got to carry that motherfucking folder all the way down there and its HIUGE people HUGE!

Wish me luck x

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Knit Chains

Riiiggghhhtttt, so these are another 2 that i have made, grey and black and as well in a bracelet.

how many of you guys would actually buy this, if i get a good response to these i might just create an online shop and sell them at a reasonable price!

just let me know what you thing and reblog!


Friday, 21 January 2011

Ignorance is Key: well hello Mr. Levine

Ignorance is Key: well hello Mr. Levine: "I've been meaning to post a blog about this for a while, this being Asher Levine. Wait...who!? Ok, I'll start from the beginning...It all ..."


ALEX NOBLE: THE BATTY BASS ALBUM: "After months of planning between my self and Hannah Holland - the first BATTY BASS is here - featuring London, New York and Berlin's fierces..."

Mulger Menswear AW 2011

Nicola looks so cute and happy! Well Done we love :)


Jewellery Pt. 2 inspired by iUNDEReye

For my Fashion Project this year i decided i would do something different and do knit. i have got my designs for my garment. but then i thought 'why not make accessories', so thats what i have been doing.

i wanted to do something with necklace and knit and i started off with these tools.

  • A Spool
  • Crotchet Needle
  • A Needle
  • Yarn
  • Scissors
The method is called French Knitting and it took me  FOREVER to get used to but i got there in the end and i first made a long 'rope'.

Tried it on and it looked a tad dead and boring!

i saw this...

A KNIT CHAIN!!!!!!!! looks so much cooler than a boring single chain. so thats when i created this...

Its not quite finished but i thought id show you what i have done so far.

im thinking from this i can do a lot more, i am thinking of adding actual rope chain into these designs somewhere!

What ya'll think?

P!NK - Fucking Perfect

Not going to deny that this video bought a tear to my eye. such an amazing song fron an amazing artist!

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Lady Gaga x Mulger

Check out this short video of Lady Gaga's new remixed tune of Born This Way and Mulger collection directed by Nicola Formichetti

Sunday, 16 January 2011


So today was my year anniversary with my boyfriend and we decided to spend the day out of London and go to Brighton. 

We shopped from 11am til 5pm, it was crazy! The vintage shops are soo much more cheaper to those in London and there is more of it as well!

I bought:

Brown Leather Bag,  £17


Green Wax Jacket £20

Shoes, £19.95

These are some of the other pictures we took:

Brighton is such a beautiful place. i'd really want to go back and experience the night life, apparently its very good!

Friday, 14 January 2011


Animal's on MDF
 For my Design Technology Project, i have been given the brief of Nature and blah blah blah. For my final piece i am making a Knitted Over Sized T-Shirt, so i though i would make some accessories to go with it. These experimental cut outs are what i may use as a necklace pendante to go with my outfit.This is just one of 3 ideas that i have. Once i have some sort of prototype of the others ill show, im desperate to hear what you guys think! so anyway, these ones will in the end be made of MDF, i think thats the material, and it will hang from a gold chain! i think they look pretty neat!

Animals of cardboard

Tell me what you think? :D

Thursday, 13 January 2011


What do you guys think? Honestly? 
I walked in the door and the look on my mums face was as if she had just eaten shit. she said i looked like a little boy and she had preferred it if i had shaved the side of my head (which her episode was even worse, she said and i quote ' I CANT EVEN LOOK AT YOU')

im scared!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Bright Young Things was launched at Selfridges London last week and what started off as a project for visual merchandising it has evolved into a creative beast of awesomeness. In addition to having full creative control over each famed window, each designer also worked with the buying team to create exclusive product for the store, either bespoke or straight from their collection. 
I ove when you see opportunities like this to see new raw talent, its amazing. Each window and designer has something new and fresh to offer, looks so much fun as well.

Take a look at some of the creations in the windows.

KIRSTY WARD - Graduated from Central Saint Martins MA in 2008

LILEE - Graduated from London College of Fashion MA in 2010

FRANCES CONTEH - Graduated from Royal College of Art MA in 2010


SIMONE ROCHA - Graduated from Central Saint Martins MA in 2010

CRAIG LAWRENCE - Graduated from Central Saint Martins BA in 2008

KEI KAGAMI - Graduated from Central Saint Martins MA in 1991