Wednesday, 30 March 2011

New Trailer for Britneys New Documentary: I Am The Femme Fatale

Excited about this... very curious too!

Listen to her voice, im no brit brit fanatic, but is her voice croaky as fuck or it is just me!?

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Girls Watch Yourselves....

These boys seriously put some girls to shame! They are hot!
check them out performing at the Ukrainian Fashion Week!

youtube them! they have an amazing video called LOVE check it out below:

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Lucy Mcrae

This Australian artist called Lucy Mcrae is phenomenal, absolutely extraordinary. This is just one of her projects where she uses liquid, air, speed and colour to redefine the bodys surface with tubes.

This is another one of her projects based around the use of colour, movement, absorption and the body. Just the way she creates these textiles on the body with colour and texture is just astounding. 

What do you guys think?


Friday, 18 March 2011

Smoke Face


OMG! these images had me on the edge! i had borrowed a smoke machine and was in the my colleges dark room, but there was a fire alarm in there, and i was sooooo scared that the smoke was going to set off the alarm. but anywayy... carrying with the idea of a submerging face i decided to try the same thing but with smoke! and here they are!


Submerging Faces

With these images, i filled the bath tub with 8 pints of milk and the rest with water, i had almost drowned justin with this lil experiment but the out comes are amazing! i really like the face submerging from the misty water, love it!




Slow Shutter Speed Distortion


i took these images with a slow shutter speed to create and ghostly, erie look to them. At the same time i put a pair of fishnet tights over his head.


What do you guys think!?

String Distortion




This time, i initially wanted to use rubber bands but didn't have any around so i used string and just wrapped it round justin's head tightly, and again these are the outcomes.
What you think?

Icing Sugar Distortion




So carrying on with my Photography project, i tried another way of distorting the face. this time i made a huge bowl of icing sugar and put it on justin's face. it had eventually dried and cracked as he move his skin and these are the results of the little shoot i had.

Lady Gaga Covers Spring Issue of I-D

Lady Gaga, photographed by Mariano Vivanco and styled by Nicola Formichetti, is on the cover of i-D Magazine’s spring issue.


photography mariano vivanco
fashion director nicola formichetti
lady gaga - latex coat by MUGLER 
hair  bob recine 
make up  billy b
interview/editor  dean mayo davies

iD magazine issue 312, spring 2011
the exhibitionist issue
on sale march 24th 2011

Monday, 14 March 2011

Distortion - Photoshop



With these i used Photoshop to enlarge certain features of the face and place them back in the 'correct' areas. They have created another way to distort the face.

Underwater Distortion





These are images i took from my new project on Exploration and Discovery, the inspiration from this has come from first looking at found faces in the world around as and then from looking at the work of Francis Bacon and how he used his brush strokes to distort. i feel i have created the same effect.

Sunday, 6 March 2011


Gareth Pugh never fails to float my boat! I love him, ever since his forst collection, i love the tailoring, the shapes and the colour texture makes me weak at the knees! i love it and this collection is no exception, black gold and blue amazing!

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Thierry Mugler A/W 2011& Preview of 'Government Hooker': Nicola Formichetti & Lady Gaga

Nicola Formichetti made his debut as the new creative director at Thierry Mugler
and how do i describe this runway show.. umm fucking amazing! i havent seen anything like this amazing in a while!

The music, the stage, the models, the pieces, the performance! It was orgasmic!
There were models dropping and all sorts, but these heels were amazingggg!! i must admit they recovered well.

Check out some of the pieces that went down the catwalk oo and the video watch the video is a jaw dropping performance/show.