Monday, 28 February 2011

Vasuxhall Fashion Scout: FAD 2011

Last Tuesday, i volunteered to help out with FAD and their Gradute Fashion Show at Vauxhall Fashion Scout during London Fashion Week.

It was held at the Freemasons Building in Covent Garden, a beautiful building.

The video above is show and some of the pieces are AMAZING. in particular the first menswear pieces with the landscape prints and the second one also, really liked the texture on the grey cardigan and on the brown hood,

Annie Vallis | Nottingham Trent University
Annie's modern day explorer menswear entry 'Stranger than Fiction'

Milly Jackson | Nottingham Trent University
Milly's 'Life of Pi' inspired womenswear entry

Laura Carew-Gibson | DeMontfort University
aura's LA inspired entry 'Club Tropicana'

Lady Gaga Born This Way Premier.

UMMMM....... What to say? 
i loved the song, and video is just WOW.
Visually its amazing and the styling is to die for! did kind remind me of the Alien Quadrilogy with Sigourney Weaver. But Hey! 

Many people have said that they dont really like the song, but i beg to differ. I think most of all, its the message in the song that is the most important thing here and not necessarily the song as a whole.

The birth part is really intense to actually watch but she looks amazing her body is amazing as well. 
Her tattoo make up on her face and her hair looks HOT! 
Check it out.

Lady Gaga wears stained glass dress by PETRA STORRS, technical chiffon by MUGLER

Lady Gaga & Rico wear Tuxedo by MULGER
Lady Gaga wears body suit by ATSUKO KUDO, shoes by KOBI LEVI
Lady Gaga wears head accessory ALEXIS BITTAR, diamond neckpiece ERICKSON BEAMON 
earrings PAMELA LOVE , stained glass dress by PETRA STORRS
Lady Gaga wears head accessory ALEXIS BITTAR, diamond neckpiece ERICKSON BEAMON 
earrings PAMELA LOV
Raquel Zimmermannr wears bodysuits ATSUKO KUDO, neckpiece THE BARONESS, 

Lady Gaga wears bra by OMD, undewear by NYC SEX TRASH BY STEPHANIE PATEREK, gloves by LACRASIA, customized half sole shoes by CAPEZIO

Slime Art by BART HESS
unicorn horn  - JENNIFER BEHR

directed by Nick Knight, 
choreographed by Laurieann Gibson 
styled by Nicola Formichetti.
set design Marla Weinhoff

hair Sam McKnight
make up Billy B

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Black Friday: Lil Kim

Riiggghht, where do i being, there is so much talk about this, im annoyed i think is the emotion to sum it up.

ill start with the cover,
This is what it looks like:


Hmmm... first impressions i like yeah its cool i like; but then u look closely at what the actual image is.

Lil Kim doing a kill bill flex with he samurai sword with blooood EVERYWHERE and in the background is 'nicki minaj' in her Pink Friday costume with no head aaaannndddd in the foreground half her pink wig.
SO.. i get the whole reason why its nicki minaj and black friday rah rah BUT i hate the fact how this mixtape is centered around nicki minaj herself. i mean i havent heard the entire mixtape yet but from the 2 tracks i have heard (Black Friday and Pissin' on em) its just one full blow at Nicki Minaj WHICH lets not get this twisted i understand and back Kim on 100%.

Now what annoys me is what some people are saying, even tho i shouldnt care but its just annoying coz they are stupid.
i just read this from an article

'Nicki Minaj is more popular than Lil' Kim. For example, Kim has a little over 139,000 followers on Twitter. Minaj has over 2 million....'

i felt i was talking to someone stupid, SO WHAT if Minaj has more followers. Followers means SHIT! 
it carries on

"...And if Kim wants to prove she's still the Queen, a b-level album cover for "Black Friday" doesn't cut it. "Pink Friday" has a more professional look....'

Yeah i kinda agree to a level but Queen B is ALWAYS Queen B. Just like Madonna will always be Queen of Pop (tho some may argue). Another thing, THIS IS A MIXTAPE not a commercial chart topping album.
it carries on

'...Nor does selling the album with a PayPal link, rather than on iTunes, prove that you've got game.'

Selling is selling at the end of the day, if Lil Kim sells she sells. Dont matter if its iTunes or on the fucking streets ITS SELLING and ITS A MOTHERFUKING MIXTAPE.

SO anyway... i admit after being a Minaj Bitch at first, i am now a fully pledge Kim Fan. but i do like Minaj.

On the Good Side.. I bought Lil Kim's Mixtape and im hoping im within the first 100,000 to buy it because if it is THE BITCH WOULD HAVE SIGNED IT WOOOOOOOOOOOO :)
im also excited to hear the rest of the mixtape. i am truly praying and hoping the whole thing wont be a diss to Minaj.

Please Kim dont .

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Lady Gaga: Our Lady of Pop

Check out the full interview here

By: Jonathan Van Meter 
Photography: Mario Testino

Cover: Haider Ackerman
Top Left: Haider Ackerman
Top Right: Luis Vitton 
Centre: Alexander McQueen
Bottom Left: Alexander McQueen
Vottom Right: Alexander McQueen

Hair: Orland Pita
Make Up: Linda Cantello at Joe Management forGiorgio Armani Beauty.

Born This motherfucking Way

i love this cover, i love how she is able to reinvent herself every time. i remember when i heard that she was releasing The Fame Monster i was thinking please jesus dont let it be shit please oh please, i was soo scared to listen to the album. but you know what this bitch knows how to do her shit. and i cant wait to listen to this new single!

Single release TOMORROWWWWW!!!

Photography Nick Knight
Director Nicola Formichetti

Friday, 4 February 2011


The latest issue of Tush pushes all the right buttons with page after page of pure eye-candy. From the staggering covers by Txema YesteHugh LippeArmin Morbach and Yu Tsai to the
energetic editorials inside the issue is an absolute pleasure. Take a look at our special sneak peek – these pictures speak for themselves and be sure to check out the special behind the scenes with Anne Vyalitsyna video too!

Viktoriya Sasonkina by Txema Yeste | Anne Vyalitsyna by Yu Tsai

Rianne Ten Haken by Hugh Lippe | Iris Strubegger by Txema Yeste

Eveline Hall by Armin Morbach | Luisa Bianchin by Armin Morbach

Johnny Harrington by Armin Morbach

Lady Gaga By Terry Richardson


photographer  terry richardson
fashion director nicola formichetti 


AS IF... i was walking past this charity shop in Kilburn and i see this wondrous piece of clothing, i 

walked in and looked at it with my eyes and felt how soft it was and thought it would cost a bomb, it was £34.99, FORASHEEPSKINJACKET:O.
At the time i didnt buy it, so today i go in there again and see that its still showing its self off in the window and i just couldn't resist and now its ALLL MINEEE :D

its soo warm, and the lesson is dont judge the shop!

ANDDD... Mums in Portugal seeing her motherrrrr, and she just bought me these new loafers as i dont actually own a pair myself but these are sexxxyy (bless her she bbm'ed me a pic of them <3)

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

BFC/Vogue Fashion Fund

Christopher Kane is the winner of the 2011 BFC/Vogue Designer Fashion Fund. The Award, which is now in its second year, comprises of £200,000 and access to director level mentors across the industry. It was established to further enhance the reputation of London’s rising stars and assist in the development of their businesses. 

“I am absolutely delighted to be this year’s winner of the BFC /Vogue Designer Fashion Fund.  It is such an honour to receive this accolade especially when I have such huge respect for all the nominees. The prize enables us to implement our strategic vision for the Christopher Kane business going forward.   We would like to thank everyone involved in making this decision and all those who have helped establish our business.  We would especially like to thank our team who work incredibly hard every day and without whom none of this would be possible.”
- Christopher Kane


The new album is called 'Femme Fatale' - excited now?

Tuesday, 1 February 2011